About us

Bwhplayers is a Volley Ball agency  founded in 2011.  Established in France but developing international connections, we aim at putting in coherence  players aspirations with clubs expectations to make each part reach his goals. The ambition of performance and excellence constituting an end, the values of mutual respect and confidence drive however our action.
Listening and availability, in the service of players just as much as clubs, doubled by an ability to react and by a mobility of any moment weave privileged relations with our interlocutors. Bwhplayers unburdens the players of the constraints of career management and contracts negotiations, so that they only focus on sport aspects.

All the resources and mobilized connections are dedicated to supply players (but also clubs according to their requirements) related services and coherent answers towards the formulated expectations.
Indeed, leaning on one importing relational network, players can benefit of an accompanying and from orientations (in France) on various plans such as professional restructuralisation, medical follow-up (without interfering with clubs medical staffs), physical preparation, legal and financial council, media training, partners research…

Founder and leader of bwhplayers, David BOTREL is the holder of FIVB and FFVB licences.
He also has an experiment of more than ten years within the Ministry of sports, through missions in:
– Professional sport,
– Doping control,
– Training and physical preparation with high-level athletes,
– Management of sport Academy,
– Follow-up of professional sportsmen,
– Communication,
– Formation and employment,
– …
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Former high-level athlete in track and field (Decathlon), evolving in the environment of volleyball since more than fifteen years, he has developped a fine knowledge of the professional sport in all his legal, administrative, relational and functional aspects. It participates to offer adapted solutions to each part involved in the search of performance in volleyball.